Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry is the key through which one can dream to become toppers in JEE MAIN & ADVANCE, NEET, AIIMS because chemistry is easy and it is always scoring in these examinations. Also it takes less time to solve the problems of chemistry than problems of math and physics.
Students face major problems in chemistry because you will rarely find a good teacher of chemistry. Some teachers are teaching only part of it & hence can’t relate different part of chemistry. Further it is subject chemistry which is not preferred by the students at initial stage of preparation because they think its like a memory based subject. Most of the students just remembered chemistry in their lower classes to qualify the Board exams mainly because the lack of good teachers. So, Students face major problem in understanding the chemistry at initial level of JEE/PMT preparation.These are the main reasons that motivated Er. Rishi Kumar to guide & teach chemistry so that students can score high and have good ranks in JEE Main/ADV.
Rishi sir himself felt chemistry as the most difficult subject, when he was preparing for IIT-JEE but he mastered as well as he developed deep interest in helping the students to understand this subject and apply the concepts in problems. Er. Rishi Kumar is the one of the best teacher of chemistry today. He has written solution to R.C. Mukharji problems book in chemistry as well as he gave the concepts of chemistry in a way which make it easier and he also helps students to apply those concepts in problems. His classes are the most interesting classes because of his great presentation style and energetic classes. His classes are supported by videos and power point presentation which makes the class more interesting.

Er. Rishi Sir

Rishi Kumar is a topper studetns thrughout his student life. Being an Intelligent student, he has always felt the scarcity of better teacher of science, especially for chemistry, which motivated him to be the best faculty of chemistry. He qualified in IIT-JEE 2003,2004 & AIEEE 2003,2004 & got the admission at the best Technical Institute of India ‘IIT Kanpur’.

Er. Ranjan Kumar

Er. Ranjan Kumar is a software and IT expert and is behind all techincal aspect of A Z Chemistry. Presently he is working in COGNIZANT Solution Ltd. and also involved in online Education. He is passionate about changing the way of traditional education and preparing to revolutionalise the education field through Digitation.


Rishi sir has taught almost 10000 students in his last 7 year teaching career & he is motivated to help more students through video lectures & online doubt session.

The A Z Chemistry was founded in year 2014 when students from remote places ask for the help in chemistry. This is now possible with


  • Giving Best education to everyone to give equal opportunity of preparation.
  • Better results in IIT, PMT by students of moderate background.


  • Everyone has right to get best education despite of their place of study, parental & Economical status.
  • Educating everyone anytime, anywhere.