AtoZ CHEMISTRY provides complete solution of JEE Main & Advanced, NEET & AIIMS Chemistry preparation. It Provides

1). Complete & comprehensive Video Lectures : No Coaching is going to teach you in so detail as done by Rishi Sir. You can match the timing of each subtopics discussed by Rishi Sir & other coaching Class given in a topic

2). Assignments from Level 0 to Level 5 (Level 0 to Level 2 for JEE Main & NEET, AIIMS & from Level 3 to Level 5 for JEE Advanced) available with Video Lectures.

3). Online Live Classes is going to start with Rishi Sir, where complete package discussion & conceptual difficulties will be solved.

4). Online test facilities are provided by AtoZ Chemistry for Students enrolled in live class

In this way, AtoZ CHEMISTRY is providing all the facilities, you get in classroom coaching. So, you can be 100 % sure that AtoZ CHEMISTRY will help you to crack JEE/NEET/AIIMS in better way without any additional need of CLassroom coaching.

AtoZ Chemistry is an online portal which helps students to learn Chemistry through video lectures and doubt session online. The course aimed for development of conceptual depth and strong Numerical approach, which enable students to become topper in JEE Main/Advance & NEET/AIIMS exams.

Video Lectures are designed just like live classes. so, you must listen video lectures with paper and pen to write down the important points. you should also write the doubts that arises during the lecture, which you can ask later through online doubt session. You should also listen the videos twice or thrice if any concept is difficult to understand.

For students of AtoZ Chemistry, a whatsapp group is created, on which you can send your doubts and can talk to Rishi Sir on (Tue, Thu & Sat at 9.00 – 10.00 PM).

Also we are starting a paid live online class for needy students from session 2020 – 21 in which tough concepts of Video Lectures as well as problems of the assignments given with Video Lectures will be discussed.

Timing of the live online doubt session will be 9.15 – 10.45 PM Mon, wed for 11th Students and Wed, Sun for 12th Students . This is a paid course which includes systematic conduction of Class, Assignment discussion & Online tests.

Other students following video lectures can post their doubts on whats app Group. Answer to your doubt will be given in 1-2 days. If video solution to any doubt is required then for video solution of your doubt you have to wait for 2-7 days.

After B.Tech. from IIT Kanpur, Rishi Sir has choosen to teach for JEE/PMT becuase he love to teach and want to hepls some rural students to crack JEE/PMT.

Rishi Sir is himself topper of chemistry in IIT – JEE and AIEEE. Beside topper of chemistry, he has given solution to a national standarad book of chemistry. he has now 8 year teaching expericene & So, have confidence in him and youselves, you will be definitely doing very well in chemistry in competitive exams.

The course of video lectures is planned just like live classroom session. If you want to study chemistry through video lecutres, you can study with video lecutres only. If you daily complete 2 videos, then it wil take almost a year to complete the course. Your doubt will be also answered though whats up gruop and online doubt session.

ya this is complete package of chemistry. it includes complete syllabus of JEE Main/ Advance, PMT. The course is provided in three sub categories- Board?NCERT level, JEE Main/PMT Level & JEE Advance Level.

As discussed in previous question, you can 100 % prepare Chemistry with AtoZ CHEMISTRY. However you may join coaching classes of chemistry which will help you also. You can discuss the concepts with your teachers also and can have online doubt session with Rishi Sir also.