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A – Z Chemistry is a online solution of complete chemistry for 11th, 12th, JEE Main/Advance + PMT. It also entertain any discussion related to chemistry. So, everyone who love chemistry, can be part of A – Z Chemistry. It has been started by Er. Rishi Sir on the huge demands by his students who need solution to their problem at any instant from anywhere. It helps them a lot and students are motivated to study chemistry well. A – Z Chemistry not only helps students of Rishi sir but it also helps any students who are interested in learning chemistry. A – Z Chemistry provide complete video lecture of chemistry as well as question bank solution for JEE Main/ JEE Advance/ PMT separately.


A – Z Chemistry provides different type of courses which are planned on the basis of student’s need.

It provides courses based on NCERT level, JEE Main, PMT & JEE Advance courses Separately.

It also gives students freedom to select any 5 or more chapters from chemistry in which he/she need more help. Further, complete question bank solution for JEE Main/NCERT & JEE Advanced Level is provided.

Relating Different Parts

For JEE, chemistry is generally taught by 2 or 3 teachers for Physical, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, due to which Co-relation between different part of chemistry is not studied well. In JEE exams, many questions are based on the concepts which includes concepts of Org-Inor, Phy-Org, Phy-Inorg. With Rishi Sir, You can have easily co-relate all three parts of Chemistry and solve problems.

Seperate Problem class

In IIT/Med Preparation it is not only necessary to have conceptual depth but it also require rigorous practice on problems. So, Problems are discussed with theory as well as separate problem class, JEE Main/ADV, NCERT Solution has been given.

In problem solving is the application parts of the science where students feel more trouble. Actually, it can be removed by Conceptual depth, Problem solving Strategy, Guidance & Practice.

Online Doubt Discussion

Discussion of your doubts is an important part of learning. If your doubts are not cleared, you can not learn effectively. For this purpose, a whatsapp no. 9852476717 is created where you can have your doubt cleared.

Your Doubts will be cleared through What’s app Message, pics, audio or video clips on Youtube (if Required).